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Unleash Your Potential in Muay Thai!

At Touchgloves Gym, we offer a range of exceptional Muay Thai training programs for all ages and skill levels. Whether you’re an adult looking to challenge yourself, a woman seeking empowerment, a parent looking to enroll your child, or an individual seeking personalised attention, we have the perfect program for you.

Adults Muay Thai Class: Our Adults Muay Thai Class is designed to cater to all levels of experience and fitness. Led by our expert instructors, you’ll learn the art of Muay Thai while improving your strength, flexibility, and mental focus. Join our vibrant community of like-minded individuals and push yourself to new heights.

Women-Only Muay Thai Class: Empower yourself in our Women-Only Muay Thai Class. This supportive and inclusive environment is designed to meet the unique needs of women. Develop self-defense skills, boost your confidence, and achieve your fitness goals in a fun and engaging atmosphere. Join a community of powerful women who uplift and inspire each other.

Kids-Only Muay Thai Session: Introduce your child, starting from the age of 4, to the world of Muay Thai through our Kids-Only Sessions. Our experienced instructors provide age-appropriate training, instilling discipline, respect, and coordination skills in a fun and safe environment. Watch your child’s confidence soar as they learn new skills and make lifelong friends.

Private Tuition: Accelerate your progress and receive personalized attention with our Private Tuition sessions. Our expert instructors will create a tailored training program based on your goals, refining your techniques and helping you reach new levels of mastery. Enjoy the flexibility and convenience of scheduling sessions that suit your needs.

Ready to Get Started? Enroll in our Muay Thai programs today!  Contact us to learn more about our class schedules, pricing options, and enrollment process. Unleash your potential in Muay Thai at Touchgloves Gym and embark on a transformative journey of strength, discipline, and self-discovery.


The Gym

Touchgloves Gym

The Team


Nathan Kitchen
Nathan Kitchen, teaching thaiboxing since 1995 which speaks for itself! The boss man has trained 42 champions with a very impressive resume


Allaya Profile Pic
@allaya_kitchen with a huge junior experience holding 9 titles in the fight game and born into the sport. Allaya is a great asset to the kids classes


Scarlett Profile Pic
@scarlett.regann has been training Muay Thai for 8 years with ring experience, Scarlett is a great coach for the junior and adults classes


Caitlin Profile Pic
@cait.lin_232 a fun and bubbly addition to the kids class, Caitlin is a pleasure to have helping with our kids classes also with ring experience


M Profile Pic

@m.nopanan M had his first fight at just 12 years old and carries an amazing mindset for the sport, he will be sure to push you to your limits and even take you for extra training during camps


Nick Harding takes all Saturday classes, he’s been training for 8 years now with 15 fights under his belt. Nick does excellent sparring and fitness classes for the kids and adults


Chloe Tanner Profile Picture

Chloe Tanner new to the team but with experience through junior competing, Chloe is running an additional needs movement group every Monday!

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