Muay Thai enthusiasts and media teams have travelled from many different countries to take part or view the classes at Touchgloves Gym. Touchgloves classes are not only designed to meet any martial artists needs but also we specify in weight loss and fitness classes.

To find a lesson that suits your own needs, please email your requirements to the team and we will devise a workout summary for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: No, sparring is completely optional, our workouts are non-contact with the use of pads and bags. Should you want to progress to sparring level-speak to one of the team who will advise.

Answer: No, Muay thai allows kicks to the legs, body and head so there is an array of techniques you can learn whilst your confidence and flexibility improves.

Answer: No, only a small percentage of students have the desire to compete. You are under no obligation, but if you feel that you need that extra goal, please talk to your instructor who will advise.

Answer: No, although most people find it more enjoyable to have a friend/partner to train with, we have specially designed foam posts that won’t swing like an unheld bag and allows you to train full power during a solo workout.

Answer: No, it is important to our team that you enjoy your training with us without becoming a drain on your bank account. We have a uniform if you wish to purchase one.We have equipment supplied by the club that you are welcome to use until you wish to purchase your own.

Padwork in class
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