touchgloves-icon Touchgloves = Fitness goals and weight loss

For those not wishing to compete it is important to realise that the sport of muaythai also carries with it the best training and fitness regime you will ever experience.

Many sports teams and individual athletes have used the sessions at touchgloves for their cross training in order to reach goals for separate competitions ie triathlons, football,rugby and rowing as well as securing career opportunities in the armed forces and emergency services.

Alongside the unbeatable feeling of being fit,you are also guaranteed to tone up and lose weight.

In the last decade,we have witnessed and documented weight loss results of up to 7 stone on many individuals who have trained at touchgloves gym,which is also supplemented by toning and overall well being.

touchgloves-icon Touchgloves = Improvement & Development

Muay Thai kids class and grading Cornwall

The improvement of our practitioners is of the upmost importance to us.the touchgloves grading system has been developed not just to gain iconic belt colours but our succession of exams will over the course of 4 years create an athlete who will be capable of taking classes,building a career in the sport and/or competing to a high standard.

Remember that our training and grading system have developed one of the greatest muaythai athletes in history so the quality of our training/ gradings is already evident.
Sparring,grading and competing is entirely optional and without pressure to both junior and adult students.

With regard to our junior students (5 years upwards) we support a strong anti-bullying scheme and do not tolerate any style of intimidation in the gym as well as regular,structured talks about using martial art forms outside of the gym.

It is important for children to have decent role models so we have arranged some of our top junior fighters to assist in our lessons,allowing concentrated,smaller groups at each level.

Parents are welcome to watch the sessions and witness their children become skilled,confident and fit with the potential to compete abroad and become champions.

touchgloves-icon Touchgloves = Success Opportunities

Touchgloves gym is globally renowned for its constant success stories within the competitive ring sports,schooling over 40 champion fighters in muaythai,kickboxing,boxing and under k1 rules.

Touchgloves have competed successfully and as main events in America, Europe, Thailand, Jamaica and many other destinations as well as featuring regularly in the worldwide media (television,radio and internet) with a recent introduction to mma we aim to reach new heights within the walls of our full time facility.

Touchgloves gym boasts the only 4 world champions to compete out of Cornwall and has been the no1 choice for visitors to travel both nationally and internationally to train in the fighting sports.

Touchgloves gym developed the career and trained the most successful female in the sports existence 14 x world champion Julie kitchen also dubbed as the queen of muaythai,who made history as britains first ever female WBC world champion alongside winning a world title in Thailand on the kings birthday.

With other fighters such as upcoming superstar Lucy Payne and an array of talented and established juniors we can promise more development from our team who continue to travel the world to compete on the big stage.

Gareth Lloyd Touchgloves fighter
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