Touchgloves is an amazing gym with great instructors and friendly participants. Day 1 at Touchgloves I was 93kg very unfit, couldn’t last 1 round on the bag without a break and it took me 30min to run a loop around my home village. Day 180 and I’m 20kgs lighter, 11min faster on my run and can do 10 rounds on the bag. All of the coaches and other people that train there are extremely helpful and are great at motivating you to train harder.
Ian Gabbitas
Since joining the gym back in November it has really improved me as a person and also with my Muay Thai. I have trained in various other gyms in the past around Cornwall but they just dont come near Touchgloves. The facility is top class and from the get go I felt welcomed from everybody at the gym, not one ego from the world standard fighters all the way down to the people taking their first class, which is hard to find in any sport.
Shaun Brookes
I joined Touchgloves Gym because a surf buddy of mine was a member and talked me into to going. When I joined I was immediately addicted to the sport of Muay Thai and K1, I haven’t looked back. Fighting is on a parallel with life, I needed to learn this above all and I this gym has done that for me. Roll with the punches and kicks and always get back up, learn and try again.
Jon Perry


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This event as always didn’t fail in its task to showcase Muaythai locally in Cornwall. Considering Touchgloves gym has only just released this “new breed” of students,it was evident to see the improvements made over the past 6 months. With independent judges and officials by IBMTO (Birmingham,Oxford,Cambridge,Woking),the Touchgloves team gained their 7 victories by efficient
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The Tanya merrett v Lucy Payne rematch was destined to be a mental strain on Lucy as there is little to gain for the existing champion giving second chances. However,honoring rematches and defending rankings/titles is what we pride touchgloves gym on and I am a firm believer in practicing what I preach. Tanya merrett is
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Wow! I’ve just been nominated an award for Britains coach of the year. I cannot even begin to say how delighted I am about this and although i feel it has come 5 years too late,I am overwhelmed with the support and comments I have received as any award IMO is nicer to receive when
Never Back Down – October 26th 2014
The ultimate local sporting event returns. Sunday October 26th 2014 will showcase an afternoon of international Muay Thai. Click here for more details….  



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